Good Links

I am putting some good links here for reference so that I can get back to them whenever it’s required. I will try to categorize and do it properly but for now, I will keep adding – if you find this interesting or if you have suggestions – please do let me know.

Operating System:

  • A Simple Garbage Collector for C++: Garbage Collector
  • Memory Layout for C Programs – Typical C program layout consists of text segment or code segment, initialized/uninitialized data segment, stack, and heap. Details: Memory Layout
  • Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems – This link are from a book for advanced operating systems and the article really covers the entire architecture and in a very neat way – Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems
  • Distributed Systems Concept – Consistent Hashing in detail, different types of consistency models, Quorum, Master-Slave model, 2PC, etc – what else is required. Good refresher to the CS739 papers — Distributed Systems Concept in a nutshell

System Design:


Software and Installation: