CS537 Introduction to Operating System

Introduction to Operating System  – (CS537) I would highly recommend every student entering the graduate program to take this course as it will really help you brush up the Operating System concepts and basics. This course follows an amazing book (OSTEP) written by Prof. Remzi Arpaci Dusseau and Prof. Andrea Arpaci Dusseau which covers the basics of virtualization, concurrency and persistence.

This course had some cool projects which accounted for 50% of your final grades and the best part was – instructors were cooperating, helpful and very good in teaching. Below were the projects I completed as a part of this coursework.

  1. XV6 Projects – Implementing System Call, Lottery Scheduling in XV6 Scheduler, Null Pointer and Stack Rearrangement, Implementing XV6 threads and implementing RAID for file system integrity.
  2. Linux C Projects – Birthday Paradox, Creating our own personal UNIX Shell, Implementing Malloc and Free and Scalable Web Server implementing Producer Consumer Problem.

All the project links will be soon available here.


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